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Our Values

Our values are simply our promises to you and are based on making all property transactions as rewarding as possible for both clients and staff alike.

Here are the most important ones to us.
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1. Pioneering

We pride ourselves on challenging the norm, adapting and innovating whenever we can in order to create a better experience for our clients. We are genuinely enthusiastic about how we can make the whole process better for everyone. Our dream is to change industry standards. There are a lot of ways we can improve the whole system. We are ready to think outside the box to get the best for our clients. 
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2. Accountable

Accountability is essential in order to build trustworthy relationships. We promise to be honest and dependable and to stand behind our recommendations with 100% confidence and transparency.

3. Knowledgeable

Our attention to detail is second to none. We are astute and pay attention to the market so we can get you the best price at the optimal time. We also recognise the importance of local knowledge as people not only live in homes, they live in communities. 
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4. Human

We understand the emotional cost of selling, buying or renting homes, not just the financial ones. We promise to value authentic human interactions over computer algorithms and show sensitivity and empathy. Our staff are encouraged to embrace their own personalities and shine in their own unique ways. We do not produce cogs in a machine at Baker and Chase. 

5. Confident

At Baker and Chase we put in extra time training our team so we all have the confidence to negotiate in even the most difficult situations. We fiercely protect the interests of our clients and have the strength of our conviction to make the right decisions. We also have confidence our clients are intelligent enough to make their own decisions and will never chase or pressurise to gain business. 
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6. Clear

We promise to cut to the chase! The market has created a system that can seem very complicated at times. We work hard to take a chaotic process and make it as simple and straightforward to the client as possible.
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We offer in-person or instant online valuations.